What We Are

We are a team of open-minded, experienced and skilled ghost hunters, ghost investigators and paranormal investigators, who were drawn together by a common interest, passion and advocacy --- to explore the paranormal, validate which is authentic and educate others.

What makes us different is that we are made up of people who are experts in certain fields, which are essential in paranormal investigation. 

When we investigate, we use Science, Logic, Sensitivity, High Analytic Skills, Knowledge Based on Research and Experience, Ghost Hunting Gadgets, to mention a few. We can explain the possible causes of a paranormal activity and give enlightenment on how it can be dealt with.


Contact Us If You're Bothered By Paranormal Activities

You can contact us if you want your place to be investigated. However, we serve the right to conduct an interview with you first before we can approve your request. We promise to protect your identity; which means nothing specific will be disclosed to the public if you do not wish to. However, we serve the right to keep the files of the investigation as our property. Please click HERE.


Paranormal Research Assistance Project (PRAP) / Ghost Tour / Haunted Tour / Night Tour

A project of POTU which aims to help paranormal enthusiasts increase their understanding of the paranormal by going through an actual process. If you want to visit a haunted location but you need experts to guide you, we can go with you or take you to a place that we highly recommend. For a minimal fee, we will help you out with your research, whether it's for your school or just to satisfy your curiosity. It may be a scary adventure but we will make it fun, exciting, safe and memorable for you. We can also arrange a daytime tour upon request.


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